How to illuminate gold?

We are asking that buildings are lit from dusk till dawn in the month of September aiming to get as many places to light up on the 1st or any other evening in September to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer as part of the Glow Gold September-childhood cancer awareness campaign. On behalf of ourselves and our children can we firstly say a massive thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. It means a lot to us.

So if you don’t already have gel filters to go over your external lights here some more information to help guide…

Q: Where can I get the gel filters?


Q: Which gel filters will I need?

A: There are two types:
1. Rosco e-colour: for LED lights or halogen less than 1000watts. (size 53 x 122cm) £5.99 persheet
2. Supergel: for halogen lights greater than 1000 watts (size 50 x 61cm) £6.18 per sheet

Q: What colour gel do I order?

A: E101 Yellowgives the “most” gold effect with both LED and Halogen lighting when projected.However if you already have a gel that creates a gold/yellow colour when projected please just use what you already have.

Q: What is the postage and packaging?

A: Postage and packaging is £2.99 on all deliveries. And delivery is usually within a working day.

Q: How do I fix the Filter gels on to the lights?

A: This depends on the light
1. LEDlights: As these lights are cool the filters can be placed directly behind the glass after unscrewing the front face of the external light and stuck on to the underside without posing a fire risk.
2. Halogen lights: As this type of light emits heat do not place gel filters directly onto the surface of the light this poses a fire risk. Use cardboard or chicken wire to create a frame to suspend the gel such that it is not able to touch the lens at the front of the light. Scroller tape is a heat resistant tape that can be used to secure the gel and is £6.29 per roll.
3. Sodium lights: It is very difficult to create different colours of lights with a sodium light.However as our campaign colour is gold the natural colour produced by sodium lighting gives buildings a gold hue anyway so no need for filters.

Q: Is there a discount code?

A: We have arranged for a discount for all those helping us to go gold the discount code is: 2016GoGold5 And gives 5% off any gel filters purchased.

Q: Is there anyone I can contact for specific technical advice?

A: If you have specific questions please ask stage depot they are happy to help:
Contact Jean Paul: +44(0)1179 727124
or alternatively email:

Any other questions for our team please direct to Emma: